HOLYbyLEAF > made from leaf leather

HOLYbyLEAF is the first collection of bags made from leaf leather. A very disruptive and innovative line of products, thanks to its mix of plant based leather and upcycled materials. We also reuse tyre tubes and recycled PET bottles, in order to compose our eco-friendly design.

Yes, on her hands is a real leaf. The material is vegan, waterproof, plastic free and above all, it is a Brazilian innovation in sustainability. This leaf leather is a game changer, mainly because it is a very important conquest for the ecosystem’s protection, and also because of its resistance.

The leaves used to build the mesh, aren’t mixed with other types of fibers, nor chemical products or polymers. Thanks to this technology, we can keep the original appearance, shape and texture of the plant.



This collection represents the real purpose of HOLYFANCY, as it is a sum of our passion for design innovation, together with our constant search for sustainable materials.

We are protecting the planet, by investing in materials like this. Specially because this leaf leather is a real evolution, compared to other plant based fabrics.

The material has similar properties to animal leather, but the main difference is, aside from being vegan, that the CO2 emissions of its manufacturing process is compensated by the carbon absorption of planting and leaf growth. Becoming an example, in terms of sustainability.

This great innovation is the result of five years research, made by the world’s only organic tannery, Nova Kaeru, in Rio de Janeiro.