A unique collab with Ronaldo Fraga

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Ronaldo Fraga “hearts”

Ronaldo Fraga “roses”

HOLYFANCY + Ronaldo Fraga

Ronaldo Fraga and HOLYFANCY joined their efforts to launch a super limited edition, made of upcycled fabrics coming from remarkable collections of this amazing Stylist overflowing authenticity.
Ronaldo Fraga, from Belo Horizonte-BRAZIL, is the fashion designer, scenographer and author, cited as one of few designers developing projects and actions that are aiming to reduce the distance between the ” Brazil-handmade” and the Industrial-Brazil. His creations have already been exhibited in different countries like Japan, Holland, Spain, Uruguay, Belgium, Chili, Argentina, Mexico and Angola.
He was awarded by the Design Museum of London as one of the world’s most innovative Stylist during the Designs of the year 2014 exhibition.
His brand has more than a thousand licensed products in Brazil.