EARTH-FRIENDLY FASHION – We love design and believe in innovation but we want to preserve our beloved planet so we do our best to create sustainable products. Every backpack produced by us removes at least 15 plastic bottles + 900g of cotton scraps from the environment. The production of our fabrics is also free from water and dye – besides being zero carbon emission.

RECYCLING – UPCYCLING – SUSTAINABILITY  You can be sustainable in very different ways.

REUSE – You can reuse and give a second life to old materials that are meant to be thrown away like our triangle in tire tube,  fabrics scraps that are turned into new pouches, etc…

UPCYCLING – you can transform old materials into new materials like PET bottles and cotton scraps transformed into new fabrics

BIOMATERIALS – innovating in new materials like bioplastics for example sugarcane plastic produced entirely from sugarcane, making it completely biodegradable and compostable.

SOCIAL CONCERN – In addition of being innovative in its use and its materials, HOLYFANCY DAILYPACK also takes part of a Social Program in Brazil where different jobs/activities are created to help people in need.

We try to be innovative by creating minimalist designs but functional products

We try to find loopholes and follow our intuition

We create new objects to help users in their everyday life, but we try to be eco-responsible